Monday, September 8, 2014

older pics

The slideshow over on the right shows photos taken from Gibson's 4th birthday in June on.... If you're looking for older pics you can check these links out:
Newborn through 1st birthday
Second year
Third year
and his fourth

First Day of Pre K

excited for school
Gibson is now officially in school. He is SO excited. For the past few weeks I've been bringing up the idea of going to school, reading him books about school, and just getting him used to the idea. He's been ready for a while, I could have enrolled him in some sort of nursery school before and he'd have thrived, but I've held out till universal pre-k. Whenever I would tell him about it tho, he'd always mention how he worried about missing his stuffed animals, and all the fun we'd have without him at home. But, every day he would come to me and tell me about how he wanted more friends and was bored and wanted to go somewhere and wanted to play- ya know, just after we have gotten back from the playground.... That's how I knew he was really ready. Well, he was SO excited this morning. He was dressed, he ate his breakfast, and had his shoes and backpack on well over a half an hour before we had to leave. We left with plenty of time to walk slowly to the school and still got there very early. So we had to wait outside for a little bit and the entire time he kept worrying that he was going to miss all the fun in the school! Let me in! Let me in!
With all of that prep getting Gibson ready for school, I forgot about Oliver. He too was VERY excited to go in and see all the new toys and books and other kids. But then we had to leave. And oh! How he cried. Soon his cries turned to, 'brobro!' (which is what he calls Gibson). He cried for blocks on the way home because he wanted his brother and for the first time in his short life he didn't have him.... Parenting fail on my part! That's Gibson's friend Finn looking adorable at the school this morning, and Oliver who has made himself completely at home behind him.
I go back to pick up Gibson in about an hour. It's not a long day! But exciting none the less! And totally worth revisiting this blog thing, which yes, I know I've been woefully negligent of.