Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer strolled

Summer strolled, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.

Our neighborhood has a festival during the summer months... It's called the Summer Stroll. It's kind of like a street fair- but not what we've come to accept as street fairs here in NYC... There is no zepolis and fried oreos, no corn dogs or lemonade. No meat on a stick, crappy djs blasting house music, no bouncey houses,, socks or knockoff makeup. Instead they close a main avenue to traffic for a few hours from dusk onwards and invite the local merchants, restaurants and artisans to set up outside on the streets while everyone can walk along and take advantage of the cooler temperatures and dine al fresco or catch a singer or children's dance performance.... It's actually rather nice, and I much prefer this to the standard street fair. It's a new tradition here in Bay Ridge, starting last year when I was unable to take advantage because I was so so pregnant and exhausted.

So this year I took a walk with Gibson, just he and I. He was impressed by the colored street lights hanging , and the commotion of the people all about. He enjoyed watching a local man sing and I treated him to a little ice cream. On the way home we stopped outside our building so I could catch a firefly and show him the magic that is a glowing bug....

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