Friday, November 16, 2012

he called it a choochoo

he called it a choochoo, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.

He calls a lot of things by the sounds they make.... And sometimes associates some stuff with other things. For instance all tunnels are 'choochoos' because trains go in tunnels. And all trains are 'choochoos'. Anything that flies is called 'whoosh', so airplanes, rocket ships, super heroes.... all 'whoosh'. All birds are 'bacaw' and so on.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh! Autumn!

Afternoon at the playground, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.
Gibson has officially moved out of his crib for good and into his toddler bed. We had gotten the toddler bed set up in his room before Oliver was born, and started the transition then, hoping to ease him out of the crib so by the time Oliver was ready to move into the crib, Gibson would be well out it and used to his bed. About 2 weeks ago we stopped using the crib at night (we'd used the bed for his single daily nap, but preferred to use the crib at night mostly so we could sleep without worrying about his getting up and wandering in the middle of the night, but he sleeps soundly usually so it was the adults hanging onto him using the crib, not him). That's pretty big, I think. Otherwise there's little to report. Things are fairly quiet with us.

Gibson is a good big brother, and Oliver is doing well, growing and thriving and getting super big. We'll have a website set up for him soon. We'll have a checkup for Gibson next month so we'll all get to see how big and tall he's getting.

I know we're heading into the holiday season... For the early shoppers Gibson does have a wish list online at But there is nothing he needs desperately, and there aren't any big ticket items that are on there. He has a room full of toys and a closet full of clothes. So there's no need to go crazy.

My parents finally got electricity back to their house after Hurricane Sandy knocked it out (though they were out of town for 2 weeks, so it wasn't a as major an inconvenience as it could have been- they only had to deal with no power for 3 days.... ) Our hearts are still made heavier by the ongoing power outages and people struggling with so much destruction in the communities surrounding ours.

We hope that you're doing well.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My little monster

My little monster, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.
What a week it's been! First off, we are incredibly fortunate to have weathered Hurricane Sandy without any major problems. I hesitate to say that we haven't even had any minor problems, because it seems to be in poor taste to say such a thing when I am surrounded by communities that have not had such luck. But we never so much as lost power or internet, and Todd has been able to work from home all week. We almost ran out of milk for our coffee and that my friends is almost an inconvenience rather than a problem. I am not gloating, I only write that to reassure our far flung family and friends - and let them know exactly how OK we are- especially compared to so many who are NOT OK. As a friend said this morning "Lots of good karma up for grabs. Get out there and get some! Chances are if you're reading this, you've got it better than most do right now. Time to pay it forward!"**

Happy not- hurricane related Gibson update:
As my immediate area of Brooklyn was largely untouched by Sandy, Halloween went on as normal- and Gibson finally got to don a costume and try his hand at trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treat was a little too much for him to say, but 'Boo'! worked wonders and he had a blast going from door to door and shop to shop. Considering that we really only walked 5 blocks to a Walgreens (to pick up more diapers) and the 5 blocks back- he made out pretty well with a bucket full of candy and treats.

**If you are local in Brooklyn and can donate time check out this link: Where to volunteer this weekend.

If you don't have the time (it happens, I don't, not with a 2 year old and a 2 month old who needs to nurse every couple hours) you can donate things:  People are in desperate need of cleaning supplies, large garbage bags, rubber gloves, batteries, flashlights, and winter accessories like hats scarves and gloves (most places I've been following say they are pretty good on clothing and shoes). If you want to know where you can locally drop these things off message me, or comment here and I'll find out for you.

If you want to donate money there's always the red cross, or the Mayors Fund to Advance NYC (100% of the proceeds are going to hurricane Sandy relief)

And if you're into animals (Hey, I sometimes prefer the company of animals to people too. They can be so much more civilized sometimes)- the NY Aquarium at Coney Island was throughly devastated by the flooding and are accepting donations online here.