Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A little snipsnip

Mommy's messy haircut, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.
It cost me 2 lollypops this morning to cut Gibson's hair. It's not particularly straight or even- though it's not TOO bad. It'll cost me another lollypop to even it out- but I'm saving that for another day. I can only get him to sit still for so long (and strangely, sugar in lollypop form doesn't do much to encourage sitting still after a while).  He lost a LOT of length in the back, and I cut his bangs pretty short, but I still haven't given him a flat top- despite my family's constant telling me that I should (apparently all the guys in the Martin clan have the same hair cut...).

Things are going really well with him and his brother. When Ollie's upset he brings a pacifier or offers some of his toys (after all, when he's upset a car would TOTALLY cheer him up, why wouldn't it cheer up his brother?) and sometimes he just wants to be the one to sooth him. He loves to give him kisses and hugs and I only worry a little bit that he'll squish Ollie with his enthusiasm. It's lovely to see, and I'm awfully glad that he hasn't had any major setbacks behaviorally since we've brought Oliver home. It just reminds me how lucky we are that Gibson is such a good kid.