Friday, August 10, 2012

Niiiiiiice baby

Niiiiiiice baby, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.

We're entering the home stretch. Gibson won't be an only child much longer. He's going to be a big brother in just a few more weeks. I've been showing him my ever-expanding belly and telling him that there's a baby in there. So it's not uncommon for him to ask to see my belly (by saying 'Niiiiiiiice baby' - he says nice instead of please) and he'll hug it and give it a kiss. He likes to try and roll around on it too, but he likes to do that in general to people. Needless to say rolling around on an 8+ month pregnant belly/woman doesn't usually go over so well, but he's always sweet and affectionate towards me/the baby in the belly.

I can't really claim that he's excited to be a big brother, for all I know he thinks baby is another word for a fat belly and he just really likes to use it as a pillow. But he seems excited about babies in general when he sees them, so here's to hoping, eh? I've also gotten him a few books about becoming a big brother, as well as gotten him a little baby doll so he can have a baby of his own.

It's not been the hottest summer here in NY ever, but it may as well have been since I'm so big with child and exhausted and achey much of the time. So we don't get out too much. We did get to Coney Island this week (he was scared of the water! but loved loved loved the endless sandbox) (thanks to my friends coming to visit with their car and wanting to go to the beach) and we try to get to a local restaurant's Mommy and Me lunch so he can play (and eat free) while I get to talk to other adults and eat something super yummy.

He now pretty much refuses to sit in his highchair at the dinner table with us and will usually eat with us in his booster seat in a regular chair. He eats almost everything we eat, though being a typical 2 year old some days he decides he doesn't want to eat certain things he usually enjoys.

His vocabulary is expanding a little each day. And even if he's not saying quite as much as other children his age- he's most definitely understanding what we say and putting 2 or 3 small words together to get his points across.

I am looking forward to watching him become a big brother- I think he'll do great, but at the same time I'm cherishing these last few weeks when it's just him, my big mushy baby.