Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the season

Happy baby play time, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.

With the holidays coming up some people have asked after a wishlist for Gibson. I have one over on that I keep up to date with toys he doesn't have that I think he'll enjoy based on his development level and current interests. Nothing is needed. He is warm, safe, and well fed. He has toys enough to play with and would probably still find the banging of 2 toys together to be more fun than playing with them in their intended way. But if you truly want to get him things you can check the list and buy them right off the list online, or if you're not comfortable shopping online you can always shop locally using the list as a guide. Also, he still loves books and sturdy board books are always often played with. (All of the links in this paragraph lead to the same wishlist)

If you're interested in picking out clothing (and who can resist the adorable stuff that comes in small sizes?) he is currently wearing size 24 months and/or 2T. Some 2T pants are a little long still, but surprisingly not by much and otherwise fit well usually. He can still squeeze into some 18-24 month clothing if it's got a lot of give especially if it's from a Children's Place (who's sizes run a little large) and he's currently wearing size 7 shoes. When in doubt, buy bigger! He doesn't particularly need anything, so if you want to pick out clothing, feel free to go crazy.

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