Friday, October 21, 2011


We've been enjoying the crisp autumn weather here in NY. Our new apartment is only a block away from shore road park and its small but frequently empty playground. It's a great place for me to easily take Gibson out in his stroller (even easier since we've got an elevator in the building!) and let him run around. There are beautiful views of the Verezanno Narrows Bridge, Staten Island, and the water.

The apartment is slowly coming together. We're still waiting for Ikea to get the entertainment center parts back into stock so we can finish off our living room, otherwise we're in pretty good shape.

I think Gibson is working his way from two naps a day to one. It's making for some funny moments, and some trying ones. He gets so tired that he might fall asleep while eating, or he might have a total meltdown over anything. When he's not busy falling over he is having a lot of fun asserting his independence and doing things for himself. He's getting really really good at eating with a fork and is very interested in putting on his shoes. He still loves books and is learning to move things in order to climb on them to get to places he wants to go to. Soon there will be absolutely no stopping him!

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