Friday, October 21, 2011


We've been enjoying the crisp autumn weather here in NY. Our new apartment is only a block away from shore road park and its small but frequently empty playground. It's a great place for me to easily take Gibson out in his stroller (even easier since we've got an elevator in the building!) and let him run around. There are beautiful views of the Verezanno Narrows Bridge, Staten Island, and the water.

The apartment is slowly coming together. We're still waiting for Ikea to get the entertainment center parts back into stock so we can finish off our living room, otherwise we're in pretty good shape.

I think Gibson is working his way from two naps a day to one. It's making for some funny moments, and some trying ones. He gets so tired that he might fall asleep while eating, or he might have a total meltdown over anything. When he's not busy falling over he is having a lot of fun asserting his independence and doing things for himself. He's getting really really good at eating with a fork and is very interested in putting on his shoes. He still loves books and is learning to move things in order to climb on them to get to places he wants to go to. Soon there will be absolutely no stopping him!

sleeping vs eating

sleeping vs eating, originally uploaded by Venus In Furs.

Sometimes he's hungry, but he's also sleepy. And then this happens. And instead of me putting him to bed, I make a video. And then I share it with you.

You're welcome.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The big move....

It's been a long time since a proper update. But we've all been very busy. We are now all moved into our new apartment in BayRidge, Brooklyn. The apartment is large, lovely, and we're near friends with children Gibson's age. The move went well, and Gibson has had no trouble adapting to our new place.

He's really into Thomas the Tank Engine cartoon, and as always he still loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He recently decided that he doesn't want baby food and will refuse it if I try to feed it to him (he had been eating adult food for a while, but still accepting a jar or two a day as part of his meals). Now he eats almost strictly what Todd and I eat. He's getting more proficient with using utensils, but the majority of his food is still treated as finger foods. He just had pineapple for the first time this week and he loved it, of course. Oh, and he's got another 2 teeth, his top canines coming in. And it looks like his lower canines are not far away from joining the tooth party.

I'll update his stats as soon as I find his info card from the pediatricians, his appointment was the day before we moved so it's around here SOMEWHERE.... (from what I remember he's about a pound heavier than the last weigh in and an inch taller) We're mostly set up here in the apartment, but we are still in that living out of boxes stage. It's a challenge, but we're all doing well.

Getting Big! Fast!

DateAge/VisitWeight Height Head Circumf
15 month checkup
1 yr checkup
10 month checkup
8 month checkup
7 month -flu shot only
6 month checkup
5 month checkup
4 month checkup
3 month checkup
28 lb 8 oz
27 lb 7 oz
27 lb .6 oz
24 lb 6 oz
23 lb. 5 oz
20 lb 13.2 oz
19 lb 2 oz
17 lb 1 oz
15 lb 4 oz
33 inches
31.75 inch
31 in
29.25 in
not taken
27.75 in
27.25 in
26.25 in
25 in
48 cm
47.5 cm
46.75 cm
45.5 cm
not taken
44.75 cm
43.25 cm
42.25 cm
41 cm
2 month checkup
13 lb 3.0 oz
24.25 in 39.75 cm
1 month checkup 10 lb 4.6 oz 22.50 in 37.50 cm
Weight recheck (1 week )
8 lb 2.0 oz

Bili Check w Dr. Keith 7 lb 13.0 oz

6/26/2010 Discharge 7 lb 11.0 oz

6/22/2010 Birth 8 lb 5.0 oz 20.47 in 34.50 cm