Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sunny days and milestones

I can not believe that in just under two weeks he will be one year old! AN ENTIRE YEAR HAS FLOWN BY! My little baby boy will be one, although he's less baby and more little boy now a days.

We try to get to Prospect Park once or twice a week. (I'd go more if it were any closer or had anyone to go with me.) We spend a few hours usually under a tree and he crawls around in the grass getting dirt under his nails and on his knees. I bring snacks and a little water and it's nice to see the sunshine and watch the bigger kids running around. I'm trying to take advantage of the not-yet 90 degree weather while we have it, although the end of this week is predicted to be 95 here. So we're likely to be holed up in the air conditioning quite soon.

Gibson still hasn't started to walk on his own, but he's really itching to do it. You can see it in his face when he's standing on his own. But he's not sure he can do it yet so he usually gets into crawling position to get places. However he can stand up now without pulling himself up on anything. That's pretty huge for the boy. And he claps. Oh, it's so cute! He is generally such a happy boy. Always so quick to smile and babble a little to us.

I have decided to not do a big birthday party for him. Just a small family thing out at my folks' house. Grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, that sort of thing. It's hard with friends and family being so spread out. For those of you asking after his wishlist you can find it here. However, he is only going to be 1, and we do live in a small apartment, and he has no real need of much of anything. He loves to flip through his board books and the rest of his toys he likes to just pull out of the toy bins and bang them together. He's still in that stage where everything is a toy to him, so it doesn't matter if he gets anymore proper toys, really.

He still loves his kitty cats. His kitty cats love him a little less so. He likes to pet them and pull on them and chase them around and around the coffee table. He's eating practically everything we're offering him (cheerios, assorted breads, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, melons and berries, carrots, bananas, pasta, chicken, beef). He drinks water through sippy cups as well as from a straw and cup. He loves splashing in the bath and being read to. I can't wait till his next checkup (which is at the end of the month) to find out how big he is. Right now he's wearing 18-24 month clothing, sometimes a 2T and if it's cut large and made out of a forgiving fabric he can still rock the 12-18 month size. I swear he's getting taller every day and he may actually be thinning out, like everyone's said he would now that he's more mobile and active.


  1. alex and penny are at the tot lot every weekday! and we all go on the weekends! come find us - we'd love to play! once the park near us opens up again we'll go back there, but that's supposed to be july 2012. sigh.

  2. Marni, despite Gibson getting up at 5 am every morning I can't seem to get out of the house before 11 am. The tot lot intimidates me. My boy's a grabber and likes to go for the eyes. I have to deal with my own anxiety coupled with my fear about my inability to stop Gibson from touching another kids' eyeballs in time to prevent damage. I did head over to the playground behind the Litchfield Manor recently. Turns out he hates swings. About one minute into a gentle swing and he cries! I may go later in the week and let him play in the mist of the sprinklers.

  3. everyone's an eyeball grabber! come join us! one of us! one of us!

  4. The two of you crack me up. Also, the record player on Gibson's list was an AWESOME toy when I was little and I am so happy they still make it.

    I can't wait for you all to meet Blobby and give him a good poke in the eye, it will teach him to mind the bigger kids.