Tuesday, June 28, 2011

make a wish

Dear Gibson,

I know that this may come as a shock to you if you read this when you're an angsty teenager and we're fighting over something stupid (most likely me not letting you do something totally awesome and cool that everyone else is doing), but your Dad and I, well, we love you more than anything else in the whole world. We are so incredibly happy that you are our little boy. We love watching you become a little person with a sense of humor and personality. You are an absolute delight to raise and it is an honor and privilege to be your parents. You may be a little shy when you first meet new people, but once that wears off you are quick to smile and are easy going. This past year has been filled with the very best of times, sleep deprived though it may have been. We couldn't have asked for a better baby! I made a wish before I had you.... I wanted a happy and healthy baby, and beautiful wouldn't hurt. Well, we had you, and you're proof that wishes do come true. So I hope you made a good wish before blowing out your birthday candles.... because who knows... maybe it will come true too.


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