Wednesday, June 29, 2011

cute tricks

Yesterday while I was on the couch Gibson picked up his Good Night, Gabbaland book and brought it to me read to him. Over half a dozen times! He's got a soft rocket toy that has smaller toys inside of it which he likes to bring to me to open up for him. I love that he is beginning to be able to express to me what he wants. He may not be speaking yet, but he's definitely making his preferences known. It's great to watch him move into this next stage of communication.

A few weeks ago he started giving kisses. They are sloppy open mouthed kisses without any actual kissing, but they count in my book. Sometimes they are a little more of a headbutt with an open mouth, but it's still so sweet. He started with only kissing me. Finally a week or so later he started kissing Todd. While at his birthday party over the weekend he quickly went in to plant a kiss on his cousin Brendan, and later gave one to his cousin Julianne. And best of all, right before his Grandpa was about to leave to go back to South Dakota he leaned in and gave him a sloppy kiss right on the cheek.

He really really wants to be eating what we're eating now. I don't know whether he thinks we're always eating ice cream (it's a favorite of his) but he definitely gives our food a try. And finally he's moved on from just pulling toys out of bins and boxes and has begun to put things back. It's not quite cleaning up after himself, but now there is a chance that I may not have to put away those toys he's taking out. He likes to shift them from one toy bin to another.

Tomorrow is his one year checkup so check back for his latest stats. And maybe I'll remember a thing or two that I wanted to include in this post.

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