Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Big! Fast!

DateAge/VisitWeight Height Head Circumf
10 month checkup
8 month checkup
7 month -flu shot only
6 month checkup
5 month checkup
4 month checkup
3 month checkup
27 lb .6 oz
24 lb 6 oz
23 lb. 5 oz
20 lb 13.2 oz
19 lb 2 oz
17 lb 1 oz
15 lb 4 oz
31 in
29.25 in
not taken
27.75 in
27.25 in
26.25 in
25 in
46.75 cm
45.5 cm
not taken
44.75 cm
43.25 cm
42.25 cm
41 cm
2 month checkup
13 lb 3.0 oz
24.25 in 39.75 cm
1 month checkup 10 lb 4.6 oz 22.50 in 37.50 cm
Weight recheck (1 week )
8 lb 2.0 oz

Bili Check w Dr. Keith 7 lb 13.0 oz

6/26/2010 Discharge 7 lb 11.0 oz

6/22/2010 Birth 8 lb 5.0 oz 20.47 in 34.50 cm

Sunday, April 17, 2011

dare devil

He is increasingly interested in trying to stand on his own. And he's getting better at it too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

9 and counting

I guess it's been a little while since the last update. Time just keeps slipping away from me.

He just loves standing up. So much so that sometimes I can't get him to sit down. He can cruise along the coffee table pretty easily and even turn around to lean on the couch. He wants to stand up so badly that he tries to stand up even when there's nothing for him to hold onto- which ends with him in the downward facing dog position. He also takes little steps when Todd or I are holding his hands. His independent streak has begun to show, he likes to let go when he's leaning on the table. His face is always full of excitement and pride for the whole second or two that he can manage to not fall down. He wobbles and flails and either grabs back onto the table or me, or he falls on his butt (which is always preferable to falling in some other way- his noggin makes big booming noises on the hardwood floor).

He's sleeping pretty well at night, still in his own crib in his own room. More importantly for me, Todd's the one to care for him if he fusses, which means I'm finally getting sleep almost like I used to. He wakes up early, usually 6 am. And he's still a happy morning baby. He's eating stage 3 foods now, and he's happy to feed himself small bits of banana as well as gnaw on large chunks of apple or pear that I give him. We've introduced dairy- and he loves his plain yogurt. He's also a big fan of bread.

He doesn't have another checkup with the pediatrician until the week after Easter. So for now let's just say that his stats are: GINORMOUS and INCREDIBLY HEAVY. I can't believe he'll be 10 months old soon. Even more so, I can't believe he's going to be one! I'm trying to start planning a birthday party for him, but as anyone who knows me knows- I am a crap party planner. So we'll see how that goes. I know, he won't remember anything about it. But I'm just so excited that I really want to celebrate!