Monday, March 21, 2011

leaps and bounds

He's finally done it. He's managed to roll over from his belly to his back. He can now go both ways. I'm so very excited for him, although I'm a little less excited for me and Todd. Because this means quite officially that the boy is not to be trusted! He could at any moment roll right off the bed, or the couch, or those pesky cliff's I like to leave him on.

His eighth tooth broke through about a week ago. He's now got 4 tiny sharp teeth on top and 4 equally tiny sharp teeth on the bottom. His gummy grin is gone, replaced with a jack o'lantern smile. He's eating quite well still, enjoying his stage 2 foods that include an array of fruits, vegetables, and meats. Apples, prunes, raspberries, peas, spinach, green beans, squash, sweet potato, lentils, rice, tomato, chicken, and turkey and more. I've also given him a little bit of roasted chicken breast which he's eaten happily. He enjoys feeding himself things like mum mums and cheerios. He's oddly uninterested in feeding himself mushy things like banana chunks or fresh sweet potato.

He likes to drink water out of a cup through a straw, though given the chance he'll just dump the cup upside down in order to chew on the bottom of it. He likes to wave around a baby spoon and chew on both ends, ensuring meal times are a fair mixture of fun and food with a fair share of mess. He is a little bit anemic so the doctors added an iron supplement to his daily vitamin regimen, both of which he takes with gusto. And of course, he's still enjoying my nursing him.

It's a little crazy how quickly he's gone from just sitting up and playing to wanting to pull himself up on me and Todd. I can see in his face how much even this isn't enough and he's really trying to figure out how to get his legs and feet to do what he wants them to and move him to the next thing. It's like he's really beginning to realize that there is a world beyond his reach and holy cow! he wants to feel it, and taste it, and try it out for size.

He's just learning to get himself from a laying down position into a sitting position, and just starting to try to pull himself up on inanimate objects like the coffee table (which we've edged in ugly foam rubber for his protection). He's not managed to get himself to crawl forwards yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him do it any day now. He is still scooting backwards on the floor and has become proficient in pivoting around on his butt to get from one toy to the next on the floor. And he can stand supported by something, like the couch or coffee table, for quite a few minutes now. I expect him to begin to begin cruising in no time.

I'm also thrilled to report that Gibson has been sleeping in his very own crib in his very own room for a little while now. He's mostly outgrown the bassinet in my bedroom, and I think he's enjoying his larger more spacious crib. He's also beginning to wave at Todd and I. Sure, it's a floppy full armed sort of gesture, but it's definitely in response to our waving at him! Tomorrow is his 9 month birthday! I can not believe how quickly he's gone from a completely helpless newborn to an almost mobile little boy. I'll try to post a birthday photo tomorrow!