Monday, January 24, 2011

3, 23, 7

It was three degrees this morning when I woke up. Fahrenheit. Without taking the wind chill into consideration. What a crappy kind of bitter cold to have to take the baby out into. But take him out we did. He had an appointment with his pediatrician for his flu booster shot. We put him in a long sleeve onsie, stripey leg warmers, socks, sweater playsuit over that, a snowsuit with footies and mittens and an extra hat to boot. It's days like this I think it'd be easier if we were just bundling him up to put him in a pre-heated car instead of walking blocks and blocks to get to the subway.

He weighed twenty-three pounds and five ounces (with a little clothing and a diaper on) when the nurse weighed him this afternoon before his shot. He is SO! INCREDIBLY! BIG! He's not off the charts yet, he's actually in keeping with his 90% growth rate. It is not uncommon for babies his age to be 5-10 pounds lighter. This means he will only be able to use a bunch of his toys//seats/bouncers and such for a month or two longer. It also means that unless it is made out of soft stretchy material with a lot of give, he's wearing a 12 month size. It also means that he wears onsies with leg warmers more often than not while we hide out in the apartment from the cold cold weather.

He is seven months and two days old. It has been the fastest seven months two days of my life. According to his pediatrician there is no regular checkup scheduled for 7 months. So we won't get the full list of his stats. But he remains a very well humored, chubby baby. He charmed the front desk staff, the nurses, and the doctors. And he got his shot without a single tear. He didn't even flinch. Perhaps it's because his thighs are so darned chubby? Whatever the reason, it was awesome.

Oh, and he's got two teeth and it seems like there's another on it's way. Also, he has said 'mama' but I'm sure he has absolutely no idea what it means. However, I win! He said mama before dada! Sorry Todd.

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