Monday, December 6, 2010

Adventures in: Eating!

My goodness how time is flying. Thanksgiving came and went already, and here we are with the full momentum of the holiday rush about to hit us.

Todd, Gibson and I spent Thanksgiving out on Long Island with my folks. We actually went out the night before, hoping to avoid some of the holiday traffic. If you've never ridden the Long Island Rail Road Thanksgiving morning, you're a lucky duck. It's a standing room only nightmare of Macy's parade watchers added into the regular holiday hustle and bustle. I will go to great lengths to avoid it, especially now that I have a baby.

The doctor at our last checkup told us we could start introducing more foods into his diet, so we went ahead that Thursday morning and mashed half a banana and gave it a go. I am happy to report that Gibson eats like a champ, and loved it.

We had a lovely day, with turkey and all of the trimmings. I ate so much at dinner that I could hardly touch the desserts. Gibson spent a while in the old family high chair at the table with us. But he's really just learning to sit up and isn't very good at it just yet, so he had to be held for most of it. But we have a highchair at home as well, and he's getting practice at being a big boy.

Last night we introduced apples. He eats it without complaint, but tends to make a face like he distrusts the first sour thing he's ever tasted. It's hilarious. Todd and I are thoroughly enjoying this new stage in his life. Maybe next week he'll try sweet potato!


  1. oooh, so exciting! first foods are so awesome! get ready for amazing diaper adventures to follow!

  2. He does not look under nourished! He i sooooo beautiful!

  3. Oh he is most certainly NOT under nourished. Just look at his thighs!