Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Gorgeous Day Here in Brooklyn

Today we took the little dude out for a stroll. We walked through the Park Slope Harvest Festival, which sadly had no activities for so young a baby. I'm sure Gibson will have a ball next year though! Pony Rides and face painting! Pumpkin decorating and a petting zoo! We decided to take a couple of sandwiches and head over to Prospect Park and enjoy the gorgeous early autumn weather. I was hoping to get a picture of us all together for maybe a Christmas card. But none that I took of the three of us were that good. I really liked this one though.


  1. gah! i wish you had told me that's what you were doing! we would have come back with you and i would have taken a photo! tell me next time, k? so sorry i didn't get your text till later - i wish we had more time together :(

  2. Like ships in the night! Maybe we can get together this weekend?